247365 was an art gallery in New York City founded by artists Jesse Greenberg and MacGregor Harp, operating from 2012-2017. This is an archive site providing documentation of their exhibitions as well as the work of the artists they formerly represented. Harp and Greenberg can be reached at their personal email addresses below, and general inquiries can be sent to 247365ny@gmail.com.

Jesse Greenberg

MacGregor Harp
Past Exhibitions

Henry Gunderson
Michael Anthony Farley and Whitney Kimball / Art F. City

There is no Fact...
Michael Anthony Farley and Corinna Kirsch / Art F. City

Your Kid Did Do This
Paddy Johnson / Art F. City

Dr. Kid President Jr.
Noah Dillon / Art Critical

Collecting for Pleasure, Not Status
Roberta Smith on NADA NY 2015

Delusional Shopping
Scott Indrasek / Art Info

From Chelsea to the Lower East Side
Roberta Smith

Believe You Me

Don't Look Now
Art Info

A Secret History Mapped in the Mundane / Bradford Kessler
Alison Kuo, Art Slant

Jamian Juliano-Villani
Mouse Magazine #44

Chasing a Dream and an Unalloyed Ethos
Martha Schwendener, New York Times

Dora Budor Action Paintings
Ana Cecilia Alvarez, Bullett

Thoughts on Workin In Ah Hole Mine
Connor O'Brien

Exhibition A
Collectors Q&A

Art Review
Karen Archey, Art Review

Draw Gym
Roberta Smith, New York Times

Where The Sun Don't Shine
John Arthur Peetz, Art Forum

Art Critical

A Preview of the Highlights
Art Info

The Donut District
Kevin McGary, New York Times

2013 in 2033
Andrew Russeth, Gallerist NY